Setting Work Goals

3656909157_160d1124feExactly what is a goal? It is something you want to achieve, whether it be now or later on in life. Goals are a very useful tool when working from home. They are also a way of keeping you organized and are a useful tool for managing your time. When working as freelancer, how are you to know how much you need to work? This is where goals and planning come in.

You can start this process by figuring out how much money you need to make, whether that be weekly, monthly, or yearly. Once your monetary goal is in place, look at the jobs or “eggs” you have. How much do you make an hour with each job? Do you get paid weekly, biweekly, or monthly? These are questions that you will need to ask yourself.

For instance, Sally wants to make $30,000 this year. She also wants to take 2 weeks off of work for the year. She then divides that $30,000 into 50 (number of weeks she will work). We find that Sally must make $600 a week to achieve her goal. This means that for a 5 day work week she must make $120 a day, or $100 a day for a 6 day week.

With goals and determination we can not only survive and make a decent income, but also pay ourselves to take a vacation. Imagine that? There are many financial tools that you can use to keep track of your money. Some you can subscribe to, others you can create yourself.

I recommend:

  • Learn how to use spreadsheets to manage your cash flow is you have only a few sources of income
  • Use software such as Mint to keep track of the money in your accounts
  • Make use of invoices to bill clients, such as the ones PayPal offers
  • Use task lists such as Asana or Trello to keep yourself in check to get things done

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How To Find Work At Home Jobs

4298911131_ffbae9b3bdTo some, working from home is a fantasy they just cannot achieve. However, others live this reality every day. Finding a legitimate work at home job can be difficult, especially with all the scams that exist. There are several ways that you can find work at home jobs that are free from scams. This may need some research on your part, and often a throwaway email address for the opportunities that you are unsure about.

Job Search Websites

Job search websites like Career Builder and Indeed are great places to look for work at home jobs. Often, you will find more professional jobs here. You can search for these jobs by searching for your industry, like healthcare and adding in remote or telecommute into the search box. Also, you can simply search for remote or telecommute jobs by typing either term into the search box. Expect to go through a lot of results before you find a job that you feel is worth applying for. Be wary of work from home scams and positions that are not what is described. Unfortunately, the latter is quite common on these job search websites.


Craigslist is a great resource for finding work from home jobs. However, the scams on this free classified site are something to contend with. It is very common to find three to five scam listings for every good lead that you find. When you search here, just be wary of postings that seem too good to be true. Also, use the throwaway email address for jobs that are borderline questionable. Always start your search on Craigslist sites for larger cities, but also check out some of the smaller cities as well. When searching, make use of the search terms below, or make up your own. Also, check the telecommute box in the search bar to help narrow down the results.

Craigslist search terms:

  • Work from home
  • Telecommute
  • Remote
  • Home-based

Blogs and Forums

Blogs and forums dedicated to working from home are also great places to search for job leads. Often users will post leads in one of the forums. Blogs dedicated to working from home also tend to have weekly posts with leads for their followers. You could do a web search for work from home blogs and forums, or try out the ones on my list.



Using these methods above will allow you to find different work from home opportunities. You might find only a few at first that you qualify for, but with time and persistence, it is possible to find your dream job. Once you find jobs to apply to, you then need to make sure your résumé is up to date. Sprucing up on your cover letter skills are a must as well.

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